Where are the most walkable suburbs in South-East Queensland?

Walk Score lets you measure the walkability of your chosen property or any address. It analyses different walking routes available to nearby amenities. A higher walk score means that the property is accessible within a 5-minute walk from amenities. The farther amenities are from the property, the less walk score it will have. If the property has zero walk score, it simply means that it is not very accessible and may require a car to do errands.

Walk Score also describes how easy it is to walk in the neighbourhood. It tells you if there are footpaths available, if there is heavy traffic and if it is safe to walk alone.

This is a very useful tool when assessing certain types of investment properties, particularly for townhouses and units. Buyers and tenants expect that one trade off for a smaller property is a higher level of convenience. Units in particular should have a high walk score - if not then you should be wary!

Top 10 Brisbane Suburbs - Walk Score

1.       Brisbane City

2.       Fortitude Valley

3.       South Brisbane

4.       Spring Hill

5.       Petrie Terrace

6.       New Farm

7.       Teneriffe

8.       Milton

9.       Woolloongabba

10.   Bowen Hills

Top 10 Gold Coast Suburbs - Walk Score

1.       Broadbeach

2.       Coolangatta

3.       Surfers Paradise

4.       Mermaid Beach

5.       Miami

6.       Southport

7.       Main Beach

8.       Burleigh Heads

9.       Mermaid Waters

10.   Burleigh Waters