the ultimate guide to investing in south-east queensland

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • Where should I buy property in South-East Queensland?

  • Should I buy in a city or in a regional area?

  • Should I buy a new or established property?

  • Should I buy a house or an apartment?

Then you’ll get tremendous benefit from our free and independent eBook. It’s packed with 60 pages of exclusive, independent and invaluable research and assessment. You’ll learn about:

The South-East Queensland Marketplace

Get to grips with the fundamentals which drive the property market here.

Understanding Value

A key to successful investment is to understand the true value of property and buy it beneath that value. We explain how to quickly determine the primary elements of value in a property.

Historical Performance

It’s very difficult to make an informed decision on property investment without knowing what has happened in the past. We’ve conducted unique research and analysis to show you the historical performance of:

  • Australia’s three biggest capital cities,

  • Brisbane versus regional cities in Queensland,

  • Land versus buildings,

  • New suburbs versus established suburbs, and

  • Houses versus apartments.

future returns

Unfortunately, property doesn’t just magically go up in value! Growth in property values and rents is a function of supply and demand, so we’ve assessed the main drivers of both in detail, across the major local government areas of South-East Queensland. You’ll also get independent recommendations on what and where you should be looking (and what and where you should avoid) for all of the major property types.

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