A Much Better Way to Buy an Investment Property

When you purchase an investment property, you're doing a lot more than making a simple transaction. You're investing your personal finances into a property and location for decades to come. It's a big decision.

Our Property Investor Package offers you a clear and proven path to acquiring a high-quality investment property, that will increase your likely return and dramatically reduce your risk. The package includes:

a UNIQUE AND innovative Property Investment Strategy

A Rigorous & Independent Property Selection Process

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Stress-Free Acquisition, Management and Ongoing Service & Advice


A Property Investment Strategy for the Professional Investor

What should a property investment strategy look like?

Many 'strategies' are simply plans to sell you new development property. At Aquila Property Investment, we take a different approach. The strategy we develop for you is highly detailed, completely personalized, and totally independent. We'll give you unique insights into the property market, and give you full confidence in what and where you are buying. From your strategy, you can expect:

Clear investment objectives and methods.  You'll develop long-term investment goals and a clear plan to achieve them. Build a strategy that fully incorporates your cashflow position, finance, tax planning and risk profile, and is based on realistic and achievable returns.

A full understanding of your target market. Through our Property Investor Package, you'll get detailed research on city planning, demographics, the economy and property supply and demand. You'll understand what your target market looks like now and in the decades to come, and more importantly, how you'll make money out of it.

Options for the best areas and property types to buy. Combining the latest property data and research tools with our own professional knowledge, we'll develop clear and well-researched options on which suburbs and property types you should be investing in, tailored to your specific long-term strategy.



Buy the best property you can afford. Locate and acquire the right property at the best possible price, with an experienced buyers agent and property investor on your side. We'll help you shortlist and compare properties, conduct all research, assessment and due-diligence, and negotiate to get the best price on your chosen property. 

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Reduce Stress. Aquila Property Investment is continually innovating to make the process of buying property as easy as it's ever been.  You can track the process online, and make offers and sign documents seamlessly. You can also leave the legwork and stress of property inspections and dealing with real estate agents  to us. We'll also help you through the settlement process, and find you a quality property manager and tenants. 


An Independent and Ethical Property Investment Option

Aquila Property Investment was created to challenge an industry which for too long has not put the client first. We believe that it's not enough to simply say you're on your clients' side - you need to demonstrate it with actions. That's why we've developed a system that guarantees our independence, and ensures that the advice you receive is truly in your best interest.

No Commissions or Kickbacks.  The only payments we receive for our services are from our clients. So there are no conflicts of interests or hidden agendas. We work for you - the client - and nobody else.

Flat-Fee Service. You should be paying for the work we perform, not an arbitrary figure based on the value of a property. That's why we employ a flat-fee payment model.

Highly Competitive Pricing. We believe that great advice and service should be affordable for the average investor, otherwise many investors simply won't choose to get it.  Getting your investment right from the beginning can make an enormous difference to your future financial position, so we want to be there to help you from the start. We've priced the Property Investor Package accordingly.