We believe in investing in high-quality established properties. Why?

  • Because we know that the best locations have already been built on. So if you want to buy in the best location you can afford, where future demand will be high and future supply will be low, you need to buy an established property.

  • Established properties are priced according to the market, while new properties are inflated in value. That's why so many new properties value lower than the purchase price.

  • Established properties are in established suburbs, which are known quantities. We can analyse the demographic mix, demand levels, median prices and historical performance much more accurately, which reduces your risk. New properties in high development areas are speculative - we don't know what the suburb will be like - and so we'd be taking a gamble investing there. And not a good gamble either; as we've just said, new properties are being built in inferior locations

  • Did you know that salespeople for most new properties are paid double to triple what salespeople are paid for established properties? Is it because new properties are better, and therefore easier to sell? We don't think so.

  • As a company, we're not interested in having conflicts of interest. Selling properties to clients means a conflict in the advice we give. So we don't sell properties.

Why do we specialise in South-East Queensland?

 There are plenty of great locations in Australia to invest in. We've decided to specialise in one of those locations. We're not here to persuade you to invest in South-East Queensland. But if you want to buy a high-quality property in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, our independent advice and service can help you do just that. 




Andrew is an experienced property advisor and buyers agent. He brings an unique focus on property research, analysis and investment strategy to the business. As an investor, Andrew has received both good and very bad advice, and this has led him to build a business centered on the ethical treatment of clients.

Andrew previously served for over a decade as an officer in the Australian Army, and remains a Captain in the Army Reserve. He has served on operations twice in Afghanistan. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History and a Masters of Arts. He lives in South Brisbane with his wife Morven.